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Don’t worry: all previously placed orders here, are / have been shipped.

You may have seen us via Twitter, or Instagram... This is where we talk about BTC CRDZ Design’s side projects, TheBitcoinButtplug.com (which was really just a promo for BTC CRDZ Design, its “parent” company: http://BTCCRDZ.design).

We like cypherpunk style and taste, and would like to know what how we can work with you to help increase Bitcoin brand exposure / awareness.

Our story: The Bitplug is kind of just an “entry through the backdoor” to help branch out more Bitcoin / cryptography knowledge within, first, the adult entertainment industry. As you likely know, this is an area where a lot of tech innovation has historically and continues to grow. We think the intersection of entertainers / models beginning to see the value of crypto-assets and cutting out middlemen (some middlemen charge entertainers up to 70% fees), gives the perfect opening to a larger understand of the first one that really got it right: Bitcoin.

Timechain, Proof of Work, Nakamoto Consensus, etc... It opens up “money” to anyone who can connect to the internet. And almost everyone in the world who wants to can get access to a connected computer, cell phone or a friends etc...

We could ask people to sign NDAs, etc... but frankly, our groups plans are unstoppable, and sharing what we’re doing won’t stop the good work from getting done.

The Bitplug is almost purely a novelty toy / device, but the embedded “DIY Bitcoin Hardware Wallet” (an OpenDime, with a special magnetic USB port attached so that only the USB port is “exposed to air”), makes our Bitplug products one of the best ways to have a Bitcoin bearer bond that can be completely “hidden in plain sight”... not that most people likely want their buttplugs being seen outside the bedroom, we think it’s both a great gag gift, practical “Bitcoin HODL folk art” collectible, or tool for entertainers/models. You can just keep it in a sock drawer... whose going to lift and play with the giant opaque pink Dragonskin Buttplug with a huge cat tail coming out of the back end... at close inspection they can go through airport security, with TSA only raising an eyebrow/getting horned up, and/or winking at ya as your bag comes out the other end of the scanner. We do custom shapes and sizes... no one could ever tell yours from mine: physical NFTs, only possible by hand. The internet’s great, but the real world is where the real feelings / energy comes from. 

You can tip your favorite cam girls Buttplug and keep track of who’s the highest tipper / giver. You can just store it in a handbag and be carrying 1000 BTC.

We (my partners and I), hand craft each one, and they are verifiably secure / unhackable (without physically altering the embedded genuine OpenDime by poking a resistor on the embedded board, out of the device, changing its physical circuitry which reveal the hidden private-key data when plugged into a computer or some phone apps that can read USB sticks, to allow the bearer to send its funds).

it’s a passion project... I’m not looking to make huge money from these- I have a great living, and benefits (my partner has some illnesses and big company insurance can’t really be beat price wise...). I own apartments in big cities, have a good deal of savings, and a comfortable life... (But if you ask me; I’ve lost all my Bitcoin in whirlpools and boating accidents... 🤪.. jk...? 😉)

My life is materially different than when I was in college, working extra hours in the library to get beer money for going out to bars... 

Now, we can stay in my apartment building, order pretty much anything from anywhere in the world (Worldwide cheeses and delicacies; you can get literally anything on the internet now), swim in our pool, do whatever projects we want, and still get to do a great job at our day jobs, where we really get to  talk Bitcoin with colleagues whenever the opportunity presents itself, and “orange pill” more and more (yes we’re that one in the room but we don’t have to talk Bitcoin I have real hobbies and interests outside of... money alone).

Outside of day workin time, I hope we’re the same: dedicated to fun and living a good life.

One of our goals is to show people that true DeFi has been happening and changing the world, and it’s called Bitcoin; everything else is a good show / entertaining pit for tricking greater fools into fools gold; valuing “rare NFTs” (which is basically like saying “hey I have a rare Windows 95 unused CD / product key in mint condition... I think it’s worth like at leaaaast 20 ETH, buy it now, click here, fast”), or other schemes to “create rarity”... whole Bitcoin is natively always has been and will be limited to 21MM units ever.

While yield farms / interest bearing products are appealing, they all end the same way; someone else is making a bigger margin off of what you’re lending / staking... it’s not really sustainable and needs to transmute itself from “altcoins”, to “DAOs”, to “tokens”, to “ICOs”, to “DeFi”, to “yield”, to “NFTs”, and to... who knows what snake oil is next...

Sure you can make money, but most don’t beat buying and holding BTC returns.

Our development of an application allowing free / encrypted peer to peer video rooms, contact sharing, subscriptions, media sharing, and Bitcoin education and wallet with integration across the app/ video / messaging / subscriptions, will eliminate the need for using any centralized services (note: there’s options to use some centralized services if you want to... like generating, backing up, and sharing your encrypted data via (optionally password) protected iCloud/OneDrive/GoogleDrive/Dropbox/etc), but at its core only when you’re ready / online can you see who else on your friends list is online (if you’ve allowed them to) and video chat and messaging is done directly peer-to-peer (subscriptions happen via the app itself, which on the backend contains a lightweight Bitcoin / LND node, and writes a small “Bitcoin smart contract” that pays out of your available balance at the frequency you set it to). You can set a storefront to sell access to clips / photos / etc.. 

We are at a time in history where WiFi and 5G services are so well distributed; I’ve done some preliminary tests, and the user experience is almost better in certain circumstances, than centralized video / messaging services. Instead of connecting through some companies server, your internet ISPs connection opens a direct server to server (self hosted hidden in the app “mini server” for phone to phone, or phone to computer, or computer to computer data sharing, and streaming connections). Think about how great FaceTime is on fast wifi; it’s like that... and better in some circumstances. 

The future belongs to the individuals, even though corporations will always mold and shape them, the individual has gained more and more freedom and power exponentially over the last 50 years. Financial freedom is one of the last barriers to help the less fortunate break through.

Sure there’s a future for all of these other defi/NFT things (we like nice art and have collections of records, nice jewelry and accessories and clothes), but how many layers of value does one really need: we count out wealth in BTC. It used to be dollars, but they keep printing those, and we don’t even know what the difference between a 5-10-20$ bill buys you depending on where you are. (Seriously even just a bottle of water in Ibiza can go for like 40USD) 

I’m J; I’m not some hardcore “Bitcoin Standard” toxic maximalist; I consider myself a “Free Speech Consensualist”.

We: means myself, my partner M, and two friends that help out with some of the “work” (app design help from one, and web shop management from the other). I fulfill / package the orders (after they’ve been sanitized and nicely packaged). Since every order’s custom made, our margins are actually not the best, but that’s not the point. We value our products in BTC, because it’s a better unit of account. Art should change value over time, why not have something bought for .021 BTC always be worth at least .021 BTC. I work from home, and have maybe 6-8 hours of actual “bank work” to take care of 4 days of the work week, so I have a lot of free time. Investing got boring, collecting art felt empty (even though I still get what I have to have)... so I started making little art pieces for myself, and friends as gifts/art trinkets. You may have seen the bearer bond Bitcoin Lambo paperweight (with embedded OpenDime only accessible via a magnetic USB port), or poker chips (we’ve done a lot of custom orders of “sets” for some pretty interesting Bitcoiners), or little citadels. 

But we decided to branch out because the Austrian Economics Libertarian crowd is fine and all, but Bitcoin deserves everyone’s attention - not just the hard money nerds.

If you’re interested in working with you, or partnering with us, let us know🤓. 

My initial testers and promoters are doing a great job, but please follow ou media / articles / organic traffic to our site, twitters (@btccrdz / @bitcoinbuttplug) / Instagram (@thebitcoinb.ttplug) / TikTok (@DeFiDDOS).

Sorry for the long message, but you can also give us a call anytime at (917) 277-4133.


J and company


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