About Us and Our Mission

We are a small group of independent creators, who are sick and tired of seeing middlemen take profits from entertainers / streamers. We're sick of over-engineered marketing ploys / schemes to sell you stuff you don't need. We produce our toys on an on-demand basis, with customizations specific to your requests (why our prices may be a little higher than you'd expect for a sex toy)!

One of our goals is to grow the bitcoin community beyond just neckbeards (we love you too neckbeards... my husband sorta has a hairy beard...), and more into the mainstream, and we feel that adult entertainers have been exploited by middlemen / rent seekers for too long and are a great community to begin exploring the Bitcoin Rabbit Hole!

We've seen friends / models make money selling "NFTs", but at the end of the day, an NFT is like a digital beanie baby... what if the site hosting it's data goes down? what if you lose your wallet key to an NFT you bought?


We like physical things... cash, nice wood, the beauty of the human body, and also the ability to have a "Physical NFT" that's one of a kind made for you, so you can store / hold real value right in your hands.

Our first product "The Bitcoin Buttplug" is a bearer bond that allows whoever holds the buttplug to own the keys to the address associated with it's embedded OpenDime. We have specially soldered/attached a water-resistant magnetic port to the OpenDime, so that the only piece of the toy exposed to air is the magnetic plug. (with endcap on, the toy is wet/wild safe, and dishwasher safe). When you get the device it comes "unitialized" so there's no public / private Bitcoin address/key on it yet; you generate that yourself, offline / privately, by simply dragging some random data onto the USB drive. 

We hope you HODL these plugs for a long time / auction them off in the future, as the value of bitcoin appreciates, but if you want to unlock your wallet, you can use a hot pin (or with our dragonskin model, use scissors to cut inside / remove the opendime).

We also are creating a "DeFi Dildo" to accept real-time instant payments easily to your own crypto wallet! Our App (in development), makes it easy to pair our toys over bluetooth, and then generate invoices / receive tips automagically! It will even have vibration / lights to thrill yourself / your audiences!

Beyond that, the sky is the limit... eventually even just small display units for people like Twitch Streamers to receive instant tips / etc...!

Ultimately, we want to reduce pain / suffering / inequity in the world... so why a buttplug? Aren't they painful (for most?)? Sure, but the idea isn't that you need to use the toy, it's that you can use it to store Bitcoin securely/offline, and gaurenteed in the ownership of whoever holds the toy.

Hide one in a drawer, and no one would suspect it could hold bitcoin. 

We are all about supporting communities that need love, and welcome all races, ethnicities, genders, non-genders, etc...

We are sex positive and believe we shouldn't hide our fantasies / sexuality in darkness... (well except when you put a buttplug where the sun don't shine)... People should be free to express themselves however they choose, so long as they're not harming others (or themselves!).

We're anti-sexist, anti-racist, anti-homophobia, anti-violence, and a whole lot more, but mostly pro-making-you-happy!!!

We have a satisfaction guarantee, where you can contact us at any time and ask us questions about our products, or about crypto, or about life, etc!!

With our shared experiences across the financial industry, we've seen our fair share of hidden deviancy, and with our experience in psychiatric work / social work, we have helped people overcome their biggest barriers / fears, to align them with success.

Ultimately we want the world to be a nicer and more friendly place, where humans... treat each other well (well that is unless you want to role-play act some stuff to unburden your fantasies / explore your desires / limits!).